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SharePoint Development Company

SunSmart has got niche experience in SharePoint Development Company India and the platform offers a wide range of collaboration and sharing tools like document management, data storage server, workflows, Search Engine, business intelligence tools, Help Desk, Financials, Intranet portal, Vendor Registration Portal, and many others. Here the SunSmart develops the applications on SharePoint Portal that can support 162 Languages. Our SharePoint development services offers a wide range of tools and services for making business more productive that helps developers to leverage their custom development functionalities to upgrade the features for their application using SharePoint Applications. Our Software development team provides insights related to the various development approaches for victory.

SharePoint consulting

SunSmart offers SharePoint Consulting services to our clients spread across small, medium and Enterprise Segments with Developers, Architects, Project Managers etc. Consulting work involves Implementation, Training, Development, Customization and Support.

SharePoint Upgradation

Upgrade your SharePoint from any previous version to SharePoint 2019. Migrate your Intranet Portal to the latest version SharePoint 2019 to upgrade all the advanced features and functionalities and match them with client’s business process that best suite client’s business needs during the upgrade.

BI Dashboards / Score Cards

SunSmart has niche experience in developing and deploying real-time, clickable Business Dashboard that user can integrate and analyze that data, driving intelligent business decisions based on concrete information.

SharePoint Integration

Integrate the SharePoint with External Systems like ERP System, DMS System, CRM System, etc.,

SharePoint Development Company


Built-in multiple functionalities

Centralized Administration


Document Management


Site Consolidation

Integration with your existing apps

Enhanced Security

Design Assistance

Content Management

SharePoint Development Company

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Why SharePoint Development Services with Us?

SharePoint Development Company

SharePoint Development Models

When building a customizable solution to extend SharePoint, models are deployed within SharePoint.

SharePoint Solutions

Compiled code, pages, style sheets, client-side code, and graphics are all included in the deployable package. Solution package is implemented in the SharePoint environment. Administrators or site owners applying the changes in the package by activating features.

SharePoint Add-ins

SharePoint Add-ins supports in both on-premises and online in SharePoint 2013 to current versions. Gives a first-class identity, which can be used to assign permissions to access irrespective of the users.

JavaScript Injection

Customize the existing SharePoint sites and executes inside the client-side context. This implies that they are rendered in the native page DOM and take advantage of the user's context.

SharePoint Framework

Recent addition of the model to the SharePoint developer’s toolbox is the SharePoint Framework. These Customized framework have easy access to SharePoint using APIs included with the SharePoint Framework. Access any technology to other data sources such as Microsoft Graph, Office Graph or other accessible APIs.

SharePoint Development Company

Features of Our SharePoint Development Solutions


Automates the sophisticated business process by structuring the most effective and logical workflows.

Custom Field types

Approach to managing data that exceeds the standard SharePoint fields without integrate any of the software.

Alerts and Notifications

Reminders about upcoming deadlines for assignments and notifications triggered by the events delivered to email.

Custom site templates

Create user-friendly templates without changing site features and customizations that can used to deploy similar solutions on various SharePoint sites.

SharePoint-based apps

Latest JavaScript frameworks such as Angular.js, Backbone.js and knockout.js to integrate with SharePoint apps that are easy to accessible.

Customized Solution

Customized SharePoint solutions has a SharePoint intranet, a document management system, a project management solution or a learning management system.

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