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nTireCRM is a 100% web-based Customer Relationship/Incident/Lead Management System helps enterprise across diversified verticals viz. Banking, Insurance, Retail, Financial services, Securities, Health Care, Manufacturing etc., CRM Software in india is an approach for business to manage the communication with current and potential customers. CRM software has been demonstrated to be useful in thousands of firms and has been the most popular tool for salesperson all over the world.

CRM Software brings all the information under a single roof. It serves as a portal to increased productivity, targeted campaigns, healthier pipelines, and greater team coordination. Our nTireCRM is a unique solution that addresses the needs of Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Business Intelligence, Call Centre, Back Office, Product Management, Business Process Management, IT and other departments that are directly or indirectly connected to customers and needs information on the customers and their transactions.

nTireCRM is 100% Audit Trail Enabled and supports 162 Languages globally. Our best CRM Software in India offers enriched intelligent Business Dashboards and Reports of Graphical and Data that provides real-time visibility of all activities pertaining on CRM in addition to analytics for sustainable business goals. CRM Software in Chennai is tightly integrated with SMS & Email.



Comprehensive audit will assist you in closing data gaps and eliminating inefficient processes that waste time and resources.


Businesses usually keep track of interactions with prospects and existing customers using a system of records.


Report Generation tool, Customer service tool, Sales Pipeline tool, Lead Generation tool, Sales & Marketing tools


Sales Cycle Report, CRM Pipeline reports, Sales Forecast reports, Sales Conversion Reports


Email & SMS 2 Way (Push/Pull) Integration


Microsoft Certified - Performance / Scalability

What are the uses of CRM?

Business Management

Customer Tracking

Targeted Marketing

Customer Feedback

Data Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Sales Tracking


Task Management

Document Management

CRM Software

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Lead Management

CRM helps to capture lead details from multiple channels which includes web forms, Phone calls, social media platforms and emails. Tracks the progress of leads through the sales cycle and helps to decide on marketing initiatives for nurturing them.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation lowers expenses and boosts the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. CRM helps businesses with lead acquisition, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and lead assignment by combining effective business strategies, efficient marketing processes, and dynamic automation technologies.

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation enables sales professionals to maximize their potential by automating operations like contact management, activity management, alerts and notifications, Opportunity Management, and task management, among others.

Pipeline Management

A Sales Pipeline is a visual representation of your sales process that shows where deals are stuck. They enable you to filter deals and perform bulk actions such as sending emails to select the customers.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation enables you to create intelligent workflows that automate repetitive processes such as following up on leads, raising invoices, and sending emails by utilizing logic or rules.


Forecasting enables you to control your business by anticipating risk and opportunities. Based on current and historical data trends, it forecasts your future sales or revenue. Forecasting is the key to your company's constant improvement.

Customer Tracking

Keeps track of customer information such as products purchased, dates of purchase, sales people involved, purchase prices, special instructions, and feedback. Dedicated CRM is adaptable, keeps track of customer interactions, and manages each customer's company.

Marketing Policy Management

Marketing strategies are designed to serve the needs of various customers. Efforts are undertaken to attract a growing number of customers. Marketing techniques involve opportunities to attract new customers.

Key Functions

Knowledge Base

KYC Management

Channel Partner Management

Campaign & Event Management

Commissions & Trail Commissions

Enterprise-wide Lead Management

Channel Partner | Contact & Activity

Customer Relationship Management

Lead Management | Targets | Incentives

Inbound / Out Call Centre—IVR Integration

CRM Stage 1—Customer Profile & Activation

Work Flow / Notifications / Alerts / Escalation

Auto Lead Generation / Email & SMS Campaigns

Electronic Application Processing - customer onboard management

Customer Interaction Management

When customers choose to engage with a company or brand, they have high expectations. Demands and requests must be prioritized, and problems must be resolved at the earliest.

For the business, it is an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with a loyal customer.

To improve brand loyalty

The only way to transform customers into brand loyalists is for them to have a positive experience with you. It is important to stay in the good books of your customers at all times. You can build a loyal customer base and spread positive word-of-mouth about your business this way.

360 Degree view of Customer

An organization can map all the customer data in a centralized manner. In a structured manner, an organisation can map all customer data. Customers may be communicating with multiple departments at the same time, and information may be updated across departments and processes.

To stimulate a community of engaged users

Customers can access community forums to ask questions, propose ideas, discuss their experiences, and, most importantly, communicate with other users. Customers will be able to assist one another instead of contacting your support team for minor issues. Long-term consumers of your products can assist in fast onboarding new customers and better understanding the product.

In order to better understand the behavior and demands of customers, information technology applications like customer relationship management system is being integrated into business procedures on a larger scale. It will be much simpler to achieve business intelligence if you get the relevant data on your customers. Advanced consumer knowledge is one definition of business intelligence.

CRM Software

To empower your business ROI with hyper-converged technologies. We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.