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nTireCRM is a 100% web-based Customer Relationship/Incident/Lead Management System helps enterprise across diversified verticals viz. Banking, Insurance, Retail, Financial Services, Securities, Health Care, Manufacturing, etc. CRM Software in india is the unique solution that addresses the needs of Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Business Intelligence, Call Centre, Back Office, Product Management, Business Process Management, IT and other departments that are either directly or indirectly connected to Customers and needs information on the customers and their transactions.

CRM Software helps right from KYC Process, Confirmation & Process fulfillment of Customer Acquisition with necessary workflow, Managing Priority Customers, Customer Incident Management (Interaction Management) from multiple Channels including Email/Web/Walk-in, External Agencies, Postal, SMS with Workflow foundation server.

nTireCRM is 100% Audit Trail Enabled and Supports 162 Languages globally. Our CRM Software in India offers enriched intelligent Business Dashboards and Reports of Graphical and Data that provides real-time visibility of all activities pertaining on CRM in addition to analytics for sustainable business goals. CRM Software in Chennai is tightly integrated with SMS & Email.

What are the uses of CRM?

You can manage your business

Supports the staff with daily structured activities

Requesting the proposals

Provide marketing support by tracking the source and status of leads

Provides sales & services as a consolidated view of the customer

Targeted marketing

Data Analysis


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Lead Management


Expenses/Claims Management

Product & Campaign Management

Lead Stage, Nature, Priority, Rating Configurations

Response/Sub Response Configuration based on Product

Channel Partner Management/Commission Management/Call Centre Management with IVR Integration

Social Media Interfacing (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In) for campaign data publishing and response pulling.

Campaigns, Road Shows, Campaign Description, Campaign Approval Workflow, Campaign Activity Calendar

Email/SMS Campaign, Attach Leads from multiple channels at any time for a campaign and analyze results

Collection of Leads from multiple channels like Web Leads, SMS Leads, Database, Existing Customers Data mining, and Walk-in Leads, Referral Leads etc. and Lead Allocation based on Workflow configurations.

Logistics Management for managing all promotional materials (Procurement, Inventory and Warehouse Management System)

CRM Software in India - Available over Mobile devices like Smart Phones, Tablet, PCs, Laptops, iPad etc. (GPRS/3G) for online response and uploading of images from the mobile device.

Sending of information/profiles over interaction by selecting the appropriate template and send on-the-fly.

Display of complete portfolio of existing customers in Lead Screens/Merging of Duplicate Customers.

Tight integration with back office for processing of any other data/physical data by courier

Dynamic Field Manager – for configuring up to 20 additional Fields in Lead Screen.

Target Setting, Target Vs. Actual, Individual Rating, Incentive Management

Auto Lead Generation based on Lead Profile and other Product Profiles

Tracking of status on Lead till Account Creation.

Work Flow Management for Lead Management

Re-churn, Reassign and Transfer of Leads

Do not Call Repository Management


Loyalty Management

Key Functions

Knowledge Base

KYC Management

Channel Partner Management

Campaign & Event Management

Commissions & Trail Commissions

Enterprise-wide Lead Management

Channel Partner | Contact & Activity

Customer Relationship Management

Lead Management | Targets | Incentives

Inbound / Out Call Centre—IVR Integration

CRM Stage 1—Customer Profile & Activation

Work Flow / Notifications / Alerts / Escalation

Auto Lead Generation / Email & SMS Campaigns

Electronic Application Processing - customer onboard management



Audit Trail Enabled


Business Dashboards


Report Generation Tool


Graphical & Data Based Reports


Email & SMS 2 Way (Push/Pull) Integration


Microsoft Certified - Performance / Scalability

Customer Interaction Management

Customer Self Service Portal-Web / Mobile / SMS & Email. Reminders / Escalations / Transfers / Reassign of incidents / queries.
Provision to attach any type of documents against any incidents / queries at any stage. Social Media Interfacings for posting status of incidents along-side cross-sell / up-sell opportunities.
Customer Incident & Interaction Management / Query Tagging – Collation of queries from multiple channels – Email, SMS, Walk-in, Postal (courier), Inbound Call Center, Website Complaints / Queries, Received from External agencies like Government, Legal entities etc. Single screen – displays all open incidents, closed incidents, customer data, security questions for verifications, changes as displaying of key data on the customer, registering and processing current incident/query, customer transactions, customer data, Tagging to Master Incident, etc.
Configurable workflow – with which user can dynamically create and manage categorizations & sub categorizations for handling incidents/queries. Workflow can be configured for any category. User-based / Role-based workflow with TAT & Escalation Matrix is available. Auto reading of Emails / SMS / bulk uploaded incidents and process them by initiating appropriate workflow.
Knowledgebase – Repository of all documents/incidents for quick reference by Customer Service Team for processing.

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