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IT Staff Augmentation Services

Technology consulting

Sunsmart Offers 500+ IT experts to strengthen your development Team. We provide technical experts for all your IT Projects.

Are you looking for an IT expert to strengthen your project?

We are considered as one of the best IT Staff Augmentation services in providing skilled IT experts to manage your project. We help businesses in delivering on-demand individual talents to level up their position without extending their budget. Being a leading IT Staffing service in India, we assure to provide Top-Class services with our Specialized IT solutions.

Outsourcing models from Sunsmart

Team augmentation service

Sunsmart’s IT professional will join your development team to complete the project and achieve its objectives. With our skilled staff, your project will boost up in 2x Time.

Dedicated Team

Sunsmart provides an IT Specialized team to take complete responsibility of your project. We have experienced project managers to maintain the team and communicate the project status via communication tools.

Full Project outsourcing

With an end-to-end project, you can save up to 50% of costs in maintenance, development, and human resources.

Outsourcing Services

Skilled Professionals available at SunSmart




Full stack


IT Consultant

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SunSmart Assures a Fast Process

Outsourcing Company

We offer the following process to meet your requirements:

Understanding your Requirement

Our Experts will have a discussion with you within 12hours for understanding your project, business objectives, requirements and Deadline. This will help us to get the dedicated team or IT Individual for you.

Selecting suitable IT Expert for you

Based on the discussion, we will select the IT consultant for your business in 2-3 days. The IT consultant will be monitored by a Project manager from Sunsmart who communicates all the updates.

Signing SLAs

As per the agreed-upon service we provide you the Service Level Agreement within 5 days.

Starting the Project

After the acceptance of SLA, we will start working on the project immediately. We offer two-way communication between you and the IT Professional or project manager.

Key Benefits in SunSmart IT Staff Augmentation Service

Reasonable Pricing Model

We offer a Long-term Cooperation service with flexibility, Long-Term cooperation with cost risk reduction, and flexible projects with fixed requirements.

Quality Control

One of the top reasons why Business Professionals love to be a part of Sunsmart is Transparency. We offer project tracking and report on KPI metrics.

Reporting and Communication

We use all modes of communication for day-to-day or weekly reporting.

Technology Consulting Services

What are the benefits of opting for IT Staff Augmentation Services?

Senior Expert’s Assist

Our IT experts are highly experienced in handling various Projects.

Builds IT Network

We will connect you with suitable IT professionals from various networks.

Save your Time

With our augmentation service, you can save the time spent on hiring people.

Get some time to relax

We have a range of Project managers, IT Specialists, and developers to assist you.


You can scale up the resource when needed for a specific duration.

To empower your business ROI with hyper-converged technologies. We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.