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Lead Management Software

One of the most innovative and intelligent Lead Management Software Solution helps large enterprises in managing every aspect of their Lead Generation, Lead Tracking and Lead Conversion Processes. nTireLeads is a 100% Web-Based Solution that is accessible over the Internet, Intranet and any other networks. nTireLeads is accessible with your Tablets, iPADs, Smart Phones, Laptops, Desktops irrespective of their configurations / operating systems. Further, nTireLeads is certified to work across all browsers including IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Default Mobile Browser etc.

nTireLeads is designed with best practices & Controls which will result in reduced operational cost, improved response levels and increased sales for the enterprise. Our Lead Management Software in India can collate leads from multiple channels including Web Leads, SMS Leads, Database Leads, Walk-in Leads, Enterprise-Wide Leads, Cross-Sell / Up-Sell Leads, referral Leads, and allocation happens based on the channel & Product using the workflow management system. You can configure the lead allocation to the call center or to any defined user roles.

"SmartLeads" - an award-winning concept of Lead Management Software in India helps in collating leads for a campaign / Roadshow from all the possible channels (one time or incremental) to run SMS / Email campaigns by the sales team itself. Based on the responses of the customers (auto-tracking of responses), Leads are further progressed based on the workflow settings. Templates can be designed or imported from HTML designs within mouse clicks.


100 % Web-based

Flat 6 Weeks Go Live

Focused & Realistic Approach

Highly Configurable and DB Driven

Multi-Company / Multi-Lingual Enabled

All Browser Supported & Latest Technology

Access from Tablets, Smartphones, iPad, etc.

Hybrid mobile app for all Smartphones/Tablets.

Lead Management Software

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Lead Management Software in Chennai - Smart Leads is a unique concept that helps the product manager or campaign manager to keep leads outside team and initiate Email / SMS campaigns. Lead Escalation – Leads that are beyond configured TAT period of the same status will be escalated to hierarchical users with access permission to act.

Lead Rechurn – Leads moved out of users when they update with the same response status more than the configured count, can be rechurned to other users. Customer Notification of Scheduled Appointments and post-meeting thanks, notification, totally prevents the false updates of meeting status.

Based on Response – Manager can allocate the lead to Call Centre or to any sales Team.

Lead Rechurn – Owner / Manager can reassign leads from the Pool to team members

Dynamic Survey Creation and Feedback Collection – General / Campaign Specific

Supports of sale on Third Party Products like Bank Assurance, Gold coins etc.

Lead Status Reset – Wrongly updated leads can be reset to the previous status.

Transfer of Leads – Temporary / Permanent / Merging of Duplicate Leads

Push / Pull reading of SMS / Email feedback from customers for tracking

TeleSmart – LMS can automatically read the customer response

Lead Share – Leads can be shared with other sales resources

Workflow for any requirements during Lead Process

Any number of Email / SMS messages can be sent

Key Functions

Work Flow / Notifications / Alerts / Escalation

Inbound / Out call centre—IVR integration

Lead Management | Targets | Incentives

Customer Relationship Management

Channel Partner | Contact & Activity

Collation of Leads for Multi-channel

Commissions & Trail Commissions

Email & SMS Campaigns

Electronic Application Processing

Campaign & Event Management

360 degree view incident management

Expense/Claims Management

Social Media Integration

Auto Lead Generation

Customer onboarding

KYC Management

Knowledge Base



Audit Trail Enabled


Business Dashboards


Report Generation Tool


Graphical & Data Based Reports


Email & SMS 2 Way (Push/Pull) Integration


Microsoft Certified - Performance / Scalability

To empower your business ROI with hyper-converged technologies. We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.