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Asset Management Software

With nTireCAMS Manage any objects both Physical and Virtual, Universally...

nTireCAMS – Computerized Asset Management Software and Computerized Maintenance Management Software are one of the most advanced solution available in the market for managing any type of objects viz. Fixed Assets, Plant Machineries, Virtual Assets, Properties etc. Asset Management Software India is developed with an objective to manage the Assets with minimum efforts, to ensure High Availability, Lower Operational Cost and Longer shelf life more than 100+ man-years of experience made nTireCAMS readily deployable for any Industry.

nTireCAMS can be deployed within 4 weeks and has inbuilt engines for uploading existing Assets quickly. Asset Tracking Software India has also got Barcode/QR code/RFID generation utility with which they can be generated and printed. No need for any Barcode/RFID/RQ code guns to read these as Smartphones can be used for the same.

Our Asset Management Software Chennai is 100% web-based solution and is accessible across your LAN, WAN, Intranet, and the Internet. Being a web-based “n-tier” product, maintenance of nTireCAMS is a seamless/easy process. nTireCAMS can be accessed from any Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, iPADs, Smartphones are irrespective of their Operating System. Our Asset Management Software is also Certified for access from any Standard Browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Default Mobile Browsers etc.

nTireCAMS simplifies the process of requesting, assigning, identifying, locating and tracking all the assets in the organization. Not only physical assets, virtual objects like Conference Room etc. can be created and Maintenance Schedules can be managed.

nTireCAMS is an excellent asset management system and provides services for the real-time tracking of assets. computerized asset software application which has a centrally accessible database that stores all the information.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Real-time Information

Real-time data assists in the maintenance of the Organization's current assets. This function also improves task planning and scheduling.

Alerts and Notifications

Keeps track of your activities and sends you notifications and alerts. As a result, you are always kept informed and updated about the assets on a regular basis.

Check-in Check-out

The check-in and check-out option is especially handy when dealing with a large number of assets, such as a school, a hotel, or a library.

Asset Tracking

Always keep records of where your assets are and who is using them in your organization.

Mobile-friendly Interface

The software's mobile-friendly layout makes it simple to use and accessible from anywhere at any time.


You can also utilize an integrated system to create and enforce asset standards, ensuring that assets do not outlive their useful lives.

Benefits of Asset Management

Reduced IT Costs

Lower Compliance and Security risk

Drill down into assets to view critical information

Make more informed software purchasing decisions

Ability to schedule reports and delivery to your inbox

Monitor complete asset lifecycle from procurement to disposal

Auto-discovery and management of all hardware and software inventory deployed in your network

Asset Management Software

Our Asset Management Software can guarantee rapid value to your business! Request Information

CAMS helps in

Identify and track any asset requiring maintenance

Generate work orders automatically according to your schedule or manually from service request Task shadowing lets you prevent duplication of scheduled work orders by grouping them so that a more comprehensive work order supersedes a less comprehensive work order

Automatic task scheduling let you set rules to skip days off and set the months during which certain tasks are performed

Unique Asset Schedule Grid and Work Order Calendar show you asset status and work schedules graphically

Monitors tool crib Issue and Return, so you'll always know who has which tools

Asset event log, part of the inventory management software, lets you record events associated with a piece of asset or vehicle

AccessbasedAnnouncements / AccessControlledKnowledge Management Module electronic document repository

Key Performance Indicators feature lets you define, monitor, and graph key assets performance indicators such as MTBF (mean time between failures) and MTTR (mean time to repair)

Quick and Advanced filters make it easy to generate reports and graphs on just the items you need

Electronics natures and advanced audit trail helps you to meet record-keeping requirements

Clone function duplicates existing records complete with associated tasks, parts, and tools

Let’s you track multiple warranty records, lease payments and other service contracts

PM Task Library / Machine Audit & Audit Results / Warranty & AMC Management - Asset Management Software

Any document can be attached to an asset, part, and procedure records

PM Task Library / Machine Audit & Audit Results / Warranty & AMC Management

FAQ Management for Frequently Asked Questions about maintenance activities.

Technology tools like Report Generation Software, SecurityControl Software, Business Dashboard, Database Management Tool, Notification Engine, Audit Trail Engine ensures Our Asset Management Software Mumbai superior to any other software available in the industry.

Authorized persons tracking lets you record authorized users of a piece of asset

Component hierarchies feature shows the relationship between assets and their component parts

Our Asset Management Software India is to work the way you want it to.

Reminder / Alarm Service on any job order

Key Functionalities

Help Desk

Back Office

Asset Master

PM Task Library

Group Maintenance

Manpower Planning

Requested Maintenance

Break-down Maintenance

Comparing of Asset Expenses

Material Planning – Spare Parts

Integration of ERP / FA Systems

Asset Depreciation / Revaluation

SMS / Email Alerts / Notifications

RFID / Barcode / QR code Integration

Time / Counter based Maintenance

e-Integration with Assets for alerts

Maintenance Expenditure Control

Warranty / AMC / Insurance

Asset Transfer Management

Auto Discovery of IT Assets

Asset Audit Management

Graphical & Data Reports

Import & Export Utilities

Work Order / Job Card

Business Dashboards


Manage Facilities Analytical Reports
Outlook Integration Service Management
Go Live in Flat 4 weeks Barcode / QR Code / RFID
Easy Manage all Assets Mobile Calendar Integration
Automation of Manual Routines Vendor Login & Update Status
Integration with existing systems Attach Asset related Documents
Advanced Notifications to Vendors Multi-Country / Currency / Company
Alerts / Escalations—SMS & Email Software Asset Management (SAMS)
Centralized Solution & Database Warranty / Insurance Management
Reduces Maintenance Costs Manage Compliance with Facilities
Auto Discovery of IT Assets Email / SMS Notifications
High Availability of Assets Work across all Browsers
Multi-Lingual Supported Ensures Long Asset Life
Dashboard & Analytics Work across all OS
Hybrid MobileApp Workflow Enabled

To empower your business ROI with hyper-converged technologies. We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.