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nTireDMS—one of the most intelligent & innovative Document Management Software system helps in standardizing information sharing process like SOPs, MIS Reports, Business Plans, Product Profiles, Customer related information, project documents, proposals, contracts, employee records, policies and procedures, manuals and guides, reports etc. that are created daily and continue to grow day by day.

This growth brings about common problems like lost documents, unmanageable folders and security definitions, outdated or expired information, the use of outdated versions, ineffective document naming and storage issues, Duplicate documents, replication of same documents many times and more.

Document Management Software India is a 100% web-based, highly scalable, complete solution for managing/publishing all your documents/circulars/processes electronically. nTireDMS enables you to quickly, efficiently and securely manage documents of any type. With Document Management Software Chennai you can share the documents with the highest security, track their reviews & comments.

Quick and Advanced Search of Documents, Edit (with version (check-in/out) and audit trail) and Approval for release etc. make your Document Publishing and Managing Process simple and standardized. Access Control List enhances Document protection which prevents download of documents, copying of documents and even screenshot disabling based on the settings. Our Document Management Software can classify, categorize and index all the uploaded documents for faster search and view. With nTireDMS you can reduce maintenance, manpower and distribution cost while improving the better presentation and response time.

Benefits of DMS

Bookmark enabled

Multi-Company enabled

24 types of files supported

Watermarking of documents

Masking & Content enabled

162 Languages supported

LDAP / AD Supported


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nTireDMS manages all sorts of documents (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF, Text, Images, Drawings, Audio, Video files, etc.) and enables storing of documents. Best Document Management Software Chennai has inbuild custom fields which helps in capturing additional information pertaining to the documents. nTireDMS supports automated transmitting of documents over FTP & Secured FTP.

Users can upload multiple files, drag & drop files, or even scan files and publish them with Access rights. Favorite Documents option helps the users to keep in their personal folders for quicker access. Share Document functionality helps in sharing the documents with other users. Email/SMS Notifications keeps users reminded/ alerted/notified of new documents and any changes to the existing documents.


Document Viewer

nTireDMS has an inbuilt Document Viewer which is a browser-based control, helps in live streaming of documents from the server to the client at low bandwidth thereby completely securing the document.

Document Management Software India: Document Viewer protects the document from being copied, printed, downloaded (even in memory) and print screened for read only Users. Even without local installation of MS Office/PDF etc. documents now can be shared and viewed with great ease. Document Viewer Supports Unicode Based Multi-Lingual documents. Around 162 Languages are supported. Document Viewer has Bookmarking facility to continue the reading...


Prevents Print Screen

Configurable workflow

Email / SMS Notification

Managing Distribution List

Reduced file size - compression

Track Read Status & Comments

Documents Live Streamed

OCR | Full Content Search

Indexing & Meta keywords

Content Search | File cabinets

Check-in/Out – Version Control

SCAN – supports any scanner

Access Control List | Workflow enabled

Prevents Copy | Print | Download

Suspend / Restart / Cancel

Reassign / Replace Users

Supports 162 Languages

Industris We Support


Financial Services, Insurance



Manufacturing, Retail

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