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nTireERP is a comprehensive information system that addresses all the needs of an enterprise with the process view of an organization to meet the Organizational goals. ERP Software in India is a management solution that connects applications to better corporate operations, communication, and collaboration. nTireERP is a reliable, real-time ERP Software System that automates sales, order processing, finance, human resources, planning, manufacturing, inventory, procurement, and other operations.

ERP System is a business process automation tool that uses a central database to aggregate data from departments such as accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, marketing, and human resources. nTireERP's Business Dashboard provides a helicopter view of total operations in a nutshell to the Management for quicker decisions.

nTireERP is packed with powerful functionalities that are extremely easy to implement and use. The shortest learning curve ensures the successful utilization of the product. By integrating processes and data, you can provide employees more visibility and flexibility, enabling them to act more efficiently and deliver more value across the organization. nTireERP is highly scalable and performance-wise the best in the industry. nTireERP can be deployed across multiple verticals viz. Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Trading, Electricals, Electronics, Distribution, Engineering, Power Generation etc.


Focused IT Costs

Total Visibility

Increased Productivity

Data Security and Quality

Improved Process Efficiency

100% Web-based / lower cost of Ownership


Improved Collaboration & Workflows

Improved Reporting and Planning

ERP Software

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The main purpose of an ERP System is to improve organizational efficiency by managing and enhancing how company resources are used. With our ERP Software in Chennai, you'll accelerate business cycles, improve productivity and reliability, and provide higher service levels to customers, suppliers, and partners. Here ERP combines with reporting and automation by eliminating the requirement for separate databases and spreadsheets to be manually integrated to generate reports.

ERP Software



Real-time operations

Business Process Controls

Knowledgebase / FAQ

Enterprise-wide Integration

Configurable Questionnaires

Data Analysis and Reporting

3 months free off-site support

Materials requirements planning

Customer Requirement Planning

Tracking and Visibility

Business Intelligence

SMS / Email Alerts

Multi-User Access



Financial Management modules are one of the essential elements to implement in your ERP Software. Keeps track of the account-related transactions like expenditures, Balance sheets, account ledgers, Balance sheets, account ledgers, bank statements, budgeting, Budgeting, Payment receipts, tax management etc.,

Human Resource

HR module helps the HR team for efficient Management of employees. Helps to manage the employee records and information. This module can make necessary policy changes and gives you an overall view of employees.


CRM modules help enhance the sales life cycle through better customer service and establish a happy relationship with customers. Helps to manage and track the customer information like communication history, calls, meetings, details of purchases made by the customer, contract duration etc.

Supply Chain Management

SCM module helps to manage the flow of product items from manufacturer to consumer. Here nTireERP has the Demand & supply management, sales returns & replacing process, shipping and transportation tracking are integrated into an SCM module

Production Module

The manufacturing sector in delivering the product is the main objective of the production module. The modules available are production planning, machine scheduling, raw material utilization, daily progress tracking, production forecasting, and actual production reporting.


Sales module processes include sales enquiries and inquiry analysis, quotation drafting, sales order acceptance, sale invoice drafting with proper taxation, material dispatch/shipment, and tracking pending sales orders.

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