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ERP Systems are helping the customers in effectively managing their Operations, Purchase, Inventory, Financial Accounting, Sales and other key functions with seamless integration. However, there is a number of critical activities performed outside ERP systems which are time-consuming and the results of these activities are key to organizational success and growth with our Procurement Management Software.

Further, the majority of the ERP systems that have been implemented a decade ago (SAP, Oracle etc.) are still Client Server in nature and are restricted to the internal usage due to Higher Licensing Cost, Security reasons etc.

Most of the ERP applications are Data Entry Based systems specific to SCM, Procurement and Supplier Master Data Management results into inaccurate data, lengthy process and general inefficiency of the ecosystem.

SunSmart helps our Clients with nTirePMS – Cloud-Based/On-Demand/On-Premises Intelligent Procurement Management Software in India Solution with inbuilt Supply Chain Management (SCM) that addresses these manual works and brings efficiency, speedy response, reduce operational cost, and above all a structure to the entire Procurement Process. nTirePMS can be integrated with any of the existing ERP systems and can work with/without such integrations.

Procurement Management

Finding and qualifying the suppliers

Negotiating with suppliers

Requesting the proposals

Identification of needs

Analyzing the results




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Procurement Management Software - Starting with a Supplier (Vendor) Registration Portal wherein suppliers directly register themselves with a number of structured data towards Supplier Master Data Management (SMDM). Using the enterprise workflow Foundation (EWF) of SunSmart suppliers are approved. This builds the list of Registered Suppliers and their Products & Services as a searchable MDM which is accurate and up to date. Suppliers can update the details of their products | services as a feature list.

Purchase Requisitions (PRS) are made at the existing ERP system and post-approval, the data seamlessly flow into nTirePMS for Supplier identification and Request for Quotation (RFQ) initiation. nTirePMS automatically reconciles the Suppliers who can provide the service/product with approximate valid prices and delivery timelines. Searching for products and servicing will be like a search on Amazon | eBay with comparison features | ratings | internal user comments etc. This helps the Procurement team in identifying the right supplier. Based on the need, you can choose the suppliers and trigger RFP for their quotations.

Suppliers will log in to the portal and submit their quotations online. Auctions & Reverse Auctions are enabled in the system (Optional) for any online price negotiation. Suppliers can revise their quote any time till the RFQ Period and system maintains version control for audit purposes. Supplier Evaluation, Comparison, and Shortlisting are done in nTirePMS Portal and shortlisted data flows back to ERP System for a release of PO Contract.


Suppliers can log in to the portal and confirm acceptance of the PO/Contract and Updates Delivery Schedules, Shipment Details. If required, they can update any other documents like Test Cases, Test Results and Certifications etc. Barcode/QR code/RFID Labels can be uploaded so that when the goods received at a gate, with a scan, details be obtained and reconciled in seconds. Data like Serial Number/Batch Number, Expiry Date etc. of the goods can be uploaded by the Supplier part of barcode upload and are just verified that brings in data integrity, authenticity in addition to the drastic reduction of time to process.

Suppliers can upload their digital invoices online. System reconciles the accuracy & eligibility of the invoices and using Enterprise Workflow Foundation (EWF) of SunSmart AP Processing (Account Payable) is done at the Portal. Once Payment is approved, necessary data will be posted at Journals of Financial of the ERP for payment release as per credit policy for that supplier.

Post payment release, payment details are updated back to nTirePMS wherein Suppliers can log in and track the status. This completely eliminates frequent follow-up by suppliers on their payments and saves the time of Corporate in concentrating core business. Email | SMS notifications ensure automatic updates escalations | alerts at your mobile for information/action. nTirePMS is a well-framed solution that can optimize your operations spread across geographies into a single portal with unprecedented flexibility and easiness in handling, monitoring & tracking entire SCM & Procurement Management Software processes.


Supplier Selection

Multi-Lingual & Audit Trail Manager

Vendor Delivery Schedule Tracking

Supplier Quotation (Both Online & Offline)

User Roles, User Management with Access Control Definitions. AD Supported

Purchase Order Release (supports PO details from ERP or a direct raising of PO here and post it to ERP)

Supplier Registration with Enterprise Workflow

Notification Manager for SMS & Email Notifications

FA integration for Payment processing - Journal/AP-Posting

Purchase Requisition – Integration with ERP, Upload or PRS Creation with Workflow for Approval

Multi-Tenancy, Countries - Regions – Branches, Knowledgebase & FAQ

Monitoring & Tracking of Part Deliveries, Rejected Items etc.

Completely Inventory & Warehousing Management

Supplier Evaluation & Shortlisting

Vendor Digital Invoice Processing

Enterprise Workflow Manager



Economical, Just In Time (JIT) Procurement – Savings, Faster Purchase & Improved Purchase Power

Mobile App

Responsive Design with Mobile Apps for access across devices with any operating system


Available on Cloud / On Demand / SAAS Subscription Model with maximum security measures

Multi Support

Multi-Currency, Multi-Country, Multi-Language, Multi-Tenancy (Company) Architecture


Enterprise Workflow Foundation – Define your own approval process


Business Dashboard with Business Intelligent Graphical analytics


Seamless Integration with existing ERP Systems


Highly Configurable and Fastest GO Live


Database Engine/Management Production / Staging Deployment Support
Audit controls and Logging Requisition / Purchase Order Process
Advanced Workflow Engine Full / Partial Receipt of Goods Tool
RFQ Comparison Process Upgrade and Packaging tools
Proxy User Management Vendor Database / Approval
On-Screen Help System Assign POs from RFQs Tool
HTML Design Support Purchase Request Process
Report Creation Tools IT and App Admin Training
Security Management System Integration Tools
Installation Support Post Invoices Tool
RFQ Process

nTirePMS - Vision

Reduced Cost & better Results

Compliments Existing ERP applications and brings in new Procurement Channel, no need to replace any software

Supplier Master Data Management

Higher Efficiency of Procurement Process

Independent of any specific Hardware – protects current investments and future plans

To empower your business ROI with hyper-converged technologies. We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.