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SunSmart solutions guarantee more than 100% Return on Investment (ROI).


A Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that can replicate a conversation or a chat with a user through messaging applications.

Herbie Bot can be available on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Web Chat and other popular channels for quick and easy services.


nTireCRM is a 100% web-based Customer Relationship / Incident / Lead Management System helps enterprise across diversified verticals viz.

Following industries we serve Banking, Insurance, Retail, Financial Services, Securities, Health Care, Manufacturing, and others.


Asset Management Software simplifies the process of requesting, assigning, identifying, locating and tracking of all the assets in the organization.

Our Asset Tracking Software is 100% web-based solution and is accessible across your LAN, WAN, Intranet, and the Internet.

Interactive eStatement

Instiview is the Next Generation Interactive platform that conveys the data to the end users in a user-friendly method along with Corporate Branding and Marketing.

InstiView produces the eStatements, Vouchers, Receipts, Invoices, Records etc., and send them through regular Email as an attachment.


ERP Systems are helping the customers in effectively managing their Operations, Purchase, Inventory, Financial Accounting, Sales and other key functions with seamless integration.

Compliments Existing ERP applications and brings in new Procurement Channel, no need to replace any software.


Document Management Software India is a 100% web-based, highly scalable, complete solution for managing / publishing all your documents / circulars / processes electronically.

Our nTireDMS manages all sorts of documents (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF, Text, Images, Drawings, Audio, Video files, etc.) and enables storing of documents.

Hybrid Mobile App

Started our journey with Phone gap, SunSmart is specializing on IONIC Framework for development of Hybrid Mobile Apps that can run on Android, IOS, and Windows etc.

Ionic apps perform and behave great on the latest mobile devices. Presence of numerous pre-generated app setups helps in the beginning quickly with a simple layout app.


One of the functionally rich and technically superior HR Software from SunSmart helps the Companies in efficiently managing their Employees who are the key to success.

HRMS Software modules are completely integrated for seamless data flow without any need for duplicating the data.

About SunSmart

SunSmart, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Multi-National Software Corporation incorporated in 2004. SunSmart is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA and has offices in UK, Europe, Middle East, India and Australia. SunSmart has more than 1200+ man years of Software Solutions & Services experience in the business verticals of Banking, Financial Services, Securities, Insurance, Government, Retail, Healthcare, FMCG, Manufacturing, Distribution, B2B and B2C.

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Innovative & Intelligent Software In-House

SunSmart products are IP Protected in 182 Countries under BERN Convention

SunSmart does not use any third party software or controls and supports all operating systems, browsers and any devices including smartphones, Tablets, IPADs etc.,


Our Unique Initiatives includes

Development of Products / Projects at a fixed cost or Per seat charge based on the need of the customer.

Supports OS Migration, DB Migration and Technology Migration.

Development of Hybrid Mobile Applications with Latest Technology Tools.


SunSmart People!

The Asset of SunSmart is our People who associated with us, with greater dream and vision.

A unique blend of Software Specialists, Management Gurus and Domain Experts helps SunSmart in creating value proposition across all our relationships. Expertise that creates wealth for our employees.

Why Choose SunSmart for Your Business?

SunSmart is a full service IT solution provider who values our relationships with managers, customers, vendors, business partners, and co-workers.


SunSmart is a niche Product Company with smart products in the spectrum of Artificial Intelligence, Mobility and Enterprise Software Solutions. SunSmart has a strong Development Team comprising of software professionals with diversified experience for the development of our Innovative & Intelligent software in-house. SunSmart does not use any third party software or controls and supports all operating systems, browsers and any devices including smartphones, Tablets, IPADs etc., SunSmart products are IP Protected in 182 Countries under BERN Convention.

SunSmart solutions guarantee more than 100% Return on Investment(RoI). All our products are 100% web based (Microsoft .NET 4.5 SP1) and can be accessed over your local intranet and internet with highest security measures possible. Dedicated support and no down time(some of our critical installations have been running with zero down time WITHOUT failover servers for the last 15 years). Shortest implementation period of 4 - 6 weeks (including free customization). You can go live in 7 - 8 weeks.

We provide best customer service over phone & remote tools to ensure your solution success. Shorter learning curve(many installations supporting more than 3000+ branches),shorter/No training required. Provides more functionalities than any other competitors(Our Document Publishing/Sharing/Management Solution and Premises Management Solution are unique and invented products). SunSmart had built the reputation of being a reliable software house that takes complete, end-to-end responsibility of software design, delivery, implementation and support.

At SunSmart, We understand that at times rather than altering the existing solutions, tailoring the right fit solutions to meet the exact requirements of our customers helps them to achieve their goal with ROI. We acknowledge the fact that BeSpoke development should be a flexible part of our business even though we are a Core Product Company. With our experience and expertise, we drastically shrink the development lifecycle by picking the readily available components from our products and deliver to the client at an incredibly faster speed with the high degree of quality.

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Our Rich Experience

We have worked on over 1000+ projects from different industries and can develop a benchmark solution for you. Our experience enable us to develop, deliver and deploy solutions that help businesses reap maximum benefits from information technology.

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Trending Technologies

Along with the basic and stable platforms, we have joined the technology revolution as well. Our software developers are equally capable of building software solutions with the trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, etc.

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Industries We Serve 

With our working experience with Top Corporate, SunSmart had developed core expertise in, Banking, Financial Services, Securities, Insurance, Government, Retail, Healthcare, FMCG, Manufacturing, Distribution, B2B, and B2C.

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Benefits to the customer

Our approach as Technology Partner helps all our customers in the optimized & complete delivery of their requirements from the perspective of Business, Software, and Usage.

100% Customizable

Quickest Implementation

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Quick or no learning curve

Highly Configurable

No Downtime

Dedicated Team
Quality Deliverables
100% Customizable
Scalability and Security

Our Elite Clients

Fortune 1000+ Clients spread across the world are using Software Products, Hybrid Mobile Applications and Development Services of SunSmart for decades.