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SunSmart, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Multi-National Software Corporation incorporated in 2004. SunSmart is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA and has offices in UK, Europe, Middle East, India, and Australia. SunSmart has more than 1200+ man years of Software Solutions & Services experience in the business verticals of Banking, Financial Services, Securities, Insurance, Government, Retail, Healthcare, FMCG, Manufacturing, Distribution, B2B, and B2C.
At SunSmart, We are focused on Software Solutions that are “Innovative & Intelligent” addressing the critical business needs of Mid to Large Corporate spread across business verticals and geographies. Advanced Technology coupled with enriched functionalities helps our customers towards sustained business growth. SunSmart Solutions guarantees multifold ROI.
At SunSmart, We envisage as Technology Partners to our customers rather than a Software Vendor by creating the difference of bringing our Multi-Content exposure, niche experience and our learnings of best practices across various solution domains that help to implement software that is futuristic and expandable in line with business expectations.
Software Products
SunSmart has a strong Development Team comprising of software professionals with diversified experience for the development of our Innovative & Intelligent software in-house. SunSmart does not use any third party software or controls and supports all operating systems, browsers and any devices including smartphones, Tablets, IPADs etc., SunSmart products are IP Protected in 182 Countries under BERN Convention.
Software Development Services:
At SunSmart, We understand that at times rather than altering the existing solutions, tailoring the right fit solutions to meet the exact requirements of our customers helps them to achieve their goal with ROI. We acknowledge the fact that BeSpoke development should be a flexible part of our business even though we are a Core Product Company. With our experience and expertise, we drastically shrink the development lifecycle by picking the readily available components from our products and deliver to the client at an incredibly faster speed with the high degree of quality.
Our approach as Technology Partner helps all our customers in the optimized & complete delivery of their requirements from the perspective of Business, Software, and Usage.
Our Unique Initiatives includes:

Development of Products / Projects at a fixed cost or Per seat charge based on the need of the customer
Supports OS Migration, DB Migration and Technology Migration
Development of Hybrid Mobile Applications with Latest Technology Tools.

Technologies We support

Angular JS, Ember JS, GoogleAPI, AJAX, JSAN, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, ASP.NET, C#, WCF, HTML 5.0, Bootstrap

SunSmart – Vision

“Software for integrating the business requirements of our customers thereby empowers and enriches the workplace to increase their profitability and optimize their Business Performance”

SunSmart – Mission

“We will continue to focus on software solutions that meet end-to-end requirements of our customers with the latest technology and high quality”

Business Strategy



Domain Knowledge

Technology Expertise

Customer Knowledge


Benefits to the customer

100% Customizable

Quickest Implementation

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Quick or no learning curve

Highly Configurable / No Downtime

Value Proposition

Cost / Quality


Scalability and Security

Reliable / Trust Worthiness

Fastest TAT

SunSmart - Quick Facts

⚆ End-to-End Solutions

⚆ Started in the year 2004

⚆ Certified Partner of Microsoft

⚆ Blue Chip Clientele – Specialty of SunSmart

⚆ Focused on software solutions for Diversified Industries

⚆ Banking Partner – Asia Pacific Region – Microsoft

⚆ Advanced Partner – Sun Microsystems

⚆ Royalty Partner of Microsoft

⚆ Associate Member of CII

SunSmart People

The Asset of SunSmart is our People who associated with us, with greater dream and vision. A unique blend of Software Specialists, Management Gurus and Domain Experts helps SunSmart in creating value proposition across all our relationships. In a nutshell, following value proposition is available:

Expertise that helps our customers in optimally using our solutions

Expertise that greatly reduced the customization & implementation time

Expertise that produced functionalities that are miles ahead of any other software solutions

Expertise that helps our customers in reaching vision and faster

Expertise that reduced our development timelines

Expertise that creates wealth for our employees

⚆ Lowest cost of ownership

⚆ Active Directory Compliant

⚆ Fastest Turn-Around-Time(TAT)

⚆ Highest Performance Credentials on applications

⚆ Best & Latest technology available in the Industry

⚆ Dependent, Consistent, Trust Worthy Partner for providing Software Solutions

⚆ Innovative Technology Products that ensures even your future requirements are achievable

⚆ Quickest Implementation Time with free customization

⚆ Domain Expertise and Implementation Superiority

⚆ Highly Configurable & 100% Customizable

⚆ Free upgrades to Latest Technologies

Domain Expertise

With our working experience with Top Corporate, SunSmart had developed core expertise in:


Financial Services

Insurance & Securities



Real Estate



Operation & Maintenance

Health Care & Life Sciences

FMCG & Distribution Business

Technical Expertise

Highest Level Partnering with Microsoft ensured SunSmart gaining unassailable expertise on:

Session Management / Connection Pooling Management

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 & above

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Business Intelligence Capabilities

Communication Capabilities (API / Web Service / Message)

Hybrid Mobile App Ionic Framework

Cross Platform Mobile Xamarin Framework

MEAN Stack Development

Share Point Development

HTML 5.0 Development

.NET Development

Functional Expertise

Consistent Innovations and continued learning made SunSmart delivering most innovative solutions in the areas of:

.NET Development

Lead Management

Enterprise-Wide Deployment

Customer Relationship Management

Sales Force Automation including third-party sales and Commission Management

Incident Management

Facilities Management

Document Publishing / Management / Sharing

Computerized Maintenance Management

Asset Management

Business Dashboard

Data Warehousing

Report Generation

Security Control / Access Control list

Approval Logic Workflow

Human Resource Management (end-to-end)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Business Intelligence

Manpower Infrastructure:

To service our customers across geographies, SunSmart has full matured state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Business Development Managers

Assistant Vice Presidents

System Administrators

Technical Architects

Resource Managers

Front office staff

Technical Writers

Project Managers

Project Leaders

Vice Presidents



Hardware & Software

All our development environment is compliant with Microsoft Licensing Policy, ensures that our customers are experiencing Genuine Software from SunSmart.

Quad Core Servers for replicating Customer Environment, Product Environment, Staging Environment

UPS / Generator for uninterrupted power supply

Latest configuration based Desktops / Laptops

High-Speed Internet Connectivity with DR

Quad Code based Load Testing Servers

Latest Communication Equipment

Video Conferencing Facilities

Training / Conference Rooms

Wired/Wireless Networks

Board Room