Quality Assurance

OS & DB Compliance is a type of software testing used to ensure the compatibility of the system/application/website built with various other objects such as other web browsers, hardware platforms, users, operating systems etc., Compliance testing helps to find out, how well a system performs in a particular environment that includes hardware, network, operating system and other software etc.,

It is basically the testing of the application or the product built with the computing environment. It tests whether the application or the software product built is compatible with the hardware, operating system, database server, or other system software or not.

SunSmart has years of experience in certifying the software solutions for their Operating System and Database Compatibilities.

We certify applications for:

Any Desktop and Server Editions of Microsoft

All Editions of Microsoft SQL Server

Linux All editions

All Editions of MySQL

All Editions of MS SQL Express

All Editions of Oracle / Power Builder etc.